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Our Clients report 50% to 100% increase in calls after installing Revued!

Reviews convert browsers into buyers!

Video reviews are powerful

Revued is the ONLY source of video reviews with native support

Videos are social proof combined with word of mouth

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Automatically pulls reviews and displays them on your site

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Display your hard-earned reviews prominently on your website.
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Your reviews get lost in the shuffle

Businesses work hard to earn a good reputation, only to get lost among all of the competition.

People leave your site to check reviews

When they leave, the bulk of them never see your reviews. Give them what they want directly on yoru site.

It's time consuming to keep up with reviews

Simple to install, easy to configure, and then you let Revued do the work for you.

Real Reviews Are Better Than Testimonials

Like you , we were frustrated with trying to get our good reviews on our site. Even more, we wanted them to be seen first, and we wanted to keep them fresh. We've spent thousands of hours promoting websites only to see a meager return. We were told to place testimonials on our site. You probably have heard the same. The simple truth? It doesn't work.

Why? No one knows if they are real. We wanted to get our positive reviews on our site. Wanted it to be easy to manage, and wanted them to be displayed prominently on our site. Even more, we wanted to have video reviews. We couldn't find a solution that easy to manage, and wanted them to be displayed prominently on our site. Even more, we wanted to have video reviews. We couldn't find a solution that would do any of this, so we built one.

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3 ways to increase your

Conversion Rate

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Convert Browsers Into Buyers

Revued has two simple plans to choose from. You can use the basic plugin and show you reviews from Facebook, Google and Yelp in their native format directly to your page. For only a bit more, youy can slo capture and display video reviews directly from your phone to your website.

With Video

Without video

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It's Easy To Begin

It's easy to get started with Revued. 15 minutes to get started showing reviews on your website, and we're here every step of the way to help if you get stuck.

Create your account

Sign up is easy, and you start with a 30-day free trial. Cancel anytime and we'll make sure you don't pay a dime.

Display your reviews

Reviews are pulled directly from Facebook, Google and Yelp and displayed on your site! Be sure to ask customers for video reviews on their phone or yours.

Get New Customers

Reviews Convert. You earned your good reputation, and when you have revered putting that to work for you, the phone rings more than ever before.

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“Prior to setting up Revued on my website I was average about 2-3 calls every two weeks. The first two weeks with Revued, I received 18 new patient calls. I track every new patient call that comes in, and almost every time they say “I was reading through your reviews on your site and made my decision there”. I can genuinely say Revued alone has doubled my practice, I cannot recommend it enough".

- Dr. Simmons, Southwest Vein and Leg


“I have used Revued for over two years now and the increase is new client calls has yet to stop. I received a lot of visits to my site prior to Revued, but the calls were few and far between, that has changed tremendously since Revued. I finally get to see a real return on my marketing dollars. And, the guys at Revued are great, they literally went out of their way to make sure I got the reviews needed so that the product was as effective as possible for me”.

– Dr. Hartman, Core Rehab Associates


82% Of Customers Leave Your Site

To Check Reviews

What happens when they leave? They see competitors. Every dollar you spent to get that click is wasted at that moment. Capture their attention with Revued. Give them what they need to know to make a buying decision right on your site..

Pick your plan

Social and Video Reviews

Everything you get from social reviews and video reviews straight from your cellphone to your website!

Video reviews are the best social proof. Your satisfied customers, on camera, hyping up your business to potential buyers. There's no better way to convert a browser into a buyer and ONLY Revued has it.

Social Reviews

A low monthly fee and simple setup to display reviews from Facebook, Google and Yelp directly on your website.

Set and forget means that you setup the plugin one time and the software does the rest of the work for you!

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